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OPAC System

1. OPAC is the English abbreviation of the Online Public Access Catalog. The reader can use the system to query the information of the book, the borrowing situation, etc., and the system also has the functions of reservation, reminder, and renewal.

2. Readers could use the Bibliography Search to check the collection information and the status of the book information in all the collections. The query system provides multiple search portals such as title, author, request number, and publishing house.

3. The reader could enter “My Library” through the ID number and password. “My Library” allow readers to check the rules of borrowing books and magazines.

4. The “New Book Announcement” can display new books of collection sites.

5. The “Information issue” is automatically detected whether the reader’s book is overdue, and to remind the reader to go to the library to return the book.

6. The database of the "non-paper resources" attached CD-ROM provides the contents of the CD-ROM attached to the book.