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Borrowing rules

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The library's books are used for everyone's study. Please cherish books according to library regulations, and do not deface books.

First, books borrowing

1. The reader borrows books through his campus card; The card cannot be transferred to others.

2. The reader can borrow 30 books at most, and the period is two months. The reader is requested to return or renew the book before the overdue.

Second, books renewing

1. Books renewal must be within 20 days before the overdue. Each renewing period is also two months.

2. The reader can renew the book in the library through the campus card, or through the library homepage or the WeChat public platform (micro signal: lnmulib).

3. Renew the book on the library homepage: Open the reader service of the library homepage - OPAC query - OPAC query entrance, log in to my library to renew the book.

4. Renew the books on the WeChat public platform: After paying attention to the library WeChat public platform, open my space, bind the reader card, select the ID number, ID number and password when binding, and the user of my library in the library homepage. The name and password are synchronized.

Third, books returning

Readers must protect and return books in time. The book of the natural science should be returned to the natural science borrowing area, and the book of the social science should be returned to the social science borrowing area.

Fourth, the handling of violations

For borrowing books that are overdue, defaced or lost, the library will adopt measures according to the Regulations on Violation of the Book Borrowing Rules.

Fifth, leaving the school

When the reader leaves school after graduation, suspension or withdrawal, he/she should confirm that all the borrowed books have been returned. The library will seal on the school leave notice before the reader can leave school.