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The Penalty Regulations

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The library's books are used for everyone's study. Please cherish the book and comply with the regulations, do not deface the books.

If the reader loses or damages the library book, the reader should make some compensation.

First, the book is overdue.

In order to facilitate other readers to borrow the required books, the reader must return the books on time. If he/she don’t return in time, they are not allowed to borrow other books.

Second, the book is lost, defaced

1. If the borrowed book is lost, the reader must compensate for the same version or new version of the book as the title, author or publisher of the lost book.

2. When compensating the hardcover edition books in the same version of the paperback book, it is necessary to make up the compensation by 2 times the difference between the flat and the hardcover.

When you cannot purchase the same version or new version of the book, compensate according to the following criteria:

Book type

Collection amount

Compensation standard

Chinese and foreign single-volume books

2 or more

3 times the original book price

1 book

5 times the original book price

Chinese and foreign multi-volume books

2 sets or more

Lost 1 volume, affecting the full use

1 times full set of original books

Lost 1 volume, does not affect the full use

3 times the price of the lost volume

Lost more than 2 volumes or 1 set

2 times the price of a full set of original books

1 set

3 times the price of a full set of original books


4. Lost books are less than 1 yuan (books before the 1980s), or books without price, calculated according to the price of similar books in the same subject when borrowing books, or calculated according to 10 yuan per book, precious books are calculated according to the value of books.

5. If the book lost, the original book is found again, or the book is returned by someone who has picked it up. The compensation can be sent back.

6. If the book is sketched, scribbled, or fouled, and unable to be used, it will be processed according to the loss of the book, and the original book will be withdrawn.